Monday, 27 February 2017

Fire Wise Visit

The Fire Fighters came to teach us about being fire wise.

They showed us the equipment on the fire engine.

They have Breathing apparatus (BA) so they can breathe even in thick smoke.

They have 27 hoses on the fire engine for putting out different kinds of fires.

We got to climb into the truck and have a look.

The teachers got to dress up like fire fighters.

Thank you Tawa Volunteer Fire Brigade!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Music with Music Jo

We introduced ourselves by looking through the sun and singing our name.

We learnt the music terms for fast and slow.
 Adagio is Slow and Allegro is fast.

We tried playing the beat Allegro (fast ) and Adagio (slow).

Jo read us a story about an orchestra. She brought along a trombone for us to look at.
We looked at how you put the trombone together and how it can be played.